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Micropower +
Liquid & Foliar Spray

Contents :-
We provide Micropwer+ EDTA chelated micronutrient Mixtures that are widely used in foliar & soil Applications. It is used to prevent and cure micro nutrient deficiencies in a particular soil or crop condition. The sourced range of Micropwer+ Grade No.2 is specially used to provide crops all the necessary micronutrients.The inadequacy of micronutrients can be identified by leaf chlorosis, flower drop, scare fruit development & undersized fruits. The crops fails to utilize the major nutrients due to lack of balanced nutrients.

Composition :-
Typical Analysis of Chelated Micropower +
F : Fe EDTA 2%
Mn : Mn EDTA 1%
Zn : Zn EDTA 5%
Cu : Cu EDTA 0.5%
B : B 0.5%
Mo : Mo 1%
Through our effective analysis, we understand that our range of chelated micronutrient Mixtures is perfect blend of essential micro nutrients that are use in conjunction with regular water soluble fertilizers.

Dosage :-

Liquid : 1-2ml per liter of water.
Foliar spray : 0.5-1 gm per Liter Of water.

Available Packing :-
Liquid : 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Liter, 5 liter, 20 Liter.
Powder : 500 Gram.

Micropower + (Micronutrient Mixture MS Grade No:-2)
Liquid & Foliar spray (Powder)

Contents :-
Keeping in mind the requirement of agriculture industry , we are offering quality range of Chelated micronutrient fertilizer such as chelated micronutrients , chelated micro mixture, Water soluble Boron & potassium Silicate. These are sourced from leading manufacturers who are known for offering quality products. Our range is mainly used to increase the growth of crops and vegetable.

Chelated Micronutrients :-
We offer chelated Micronutrients that are suitable for all the crops and vegetables. Produced from reliable vendoers of the industry , our range eradicates the deficiency of MicroNutrent and enhance the productivity as well as quality of the crops.

Features :-

  • Phosphate metabolism
  • Plant respiration
  • Activation of enzymes system

Magnesium :-
Magnesium helps to crops to capture to sun energy to growth a production.
Magnesium can added to into the soil by applying Magnesium containing fertilizer or dolomitic limestone.
Dolomitic limestone contents both Ca & Mg carbonates (Neutralizing value whereas Calcium limestone contain only Calcium Carbonate.
Its Functions include :

  • Accurate Composition
  • Effective
  • Precise pH value
  • Pure

Gluconet Nutrients

Contents :-
We have made available all nutrient i.e. Glucozinc-20%, Glucofeerious-12 %, Glucomagnesium-9%, Glucoboron-12%, Glucopottash-30 %, Glucocoper-20 % In organic gluconet form, So all nutrient will absorb In plant very fastly. So it reduce fastly the deficiency of nutrient in plant. All nutrient will compitable with all pesticide, Fungicides & PGRs. The use of this products is very safe for human as well as plant. It recomded for all crop & with all season.

Dosage :-
folier Spray : 1 to 2 ml Per liter of water.

Available Packing :-
500 ml, 1 Liter, 5 liter, 20 liter.

Chelated Micronutrient

Contents :-
i.e.-ZincEDTA-12%, MagnessiumEDTA-, Boron, Ferrious EDTA, All micronutrient is made available in chelated form.

Available Packing :-
500 Gram pouch.